About US

With the world moving fast towards new efficiencies, adopting new material in all engineering & construction fields, and driven by new technologies & knowledge, Comatec was founded in 2006 to seize the opportunities that this rapid movement brings. The construction and the telecom services are more and more converging, no modern building can run efficiently without having telecom technologies as built in part of the facilities and services. Telecom technology leaders, worldwide, are paying special attention to this fact, and they are developing and re-structuring an enterprise portfolio, to serve the demand for modern buildings that enjoy the new technology as built-in part of the new smart building. Realizing this we started as telecom contractors

Realizing this we started as telecom contractors for GSM operators and ISPs, widened the range of our services in the telecom sector, and expanded our portfolio and established a construction business unit specialized in turnkey construction projects.

Comatec with its engraved and matured experience in both construction and telecom, is one of the companies that can give you the right service when your investment is directed at building modern and smart buildings with built-in technologies and facilities. We are a modern contractor, with open eye on technology development that brings every day new opportunities and improvements to engineering practices and manifest them into reality.